Nine Letter Word is a part of my ongoing study of Los Angeles and the people who are fascinated by it.

This body of work started out as a study of body language and interaction with a famous Los Angeles landmarks, such as The Chinese Theater (see Cement Hands). The intention was to capture as little of the monument as possible while maintaining the individuality of each interaction.

While photographing Lisandra hypothesized that she would see a common thread with each interaction that went far beyond body language. After making photographs at various tourist hotspots it became very evident that there was one thing in Los Angeles that everyone has a relationship with, whether they want to or not. It is the iconic white sign that rests quietly atop of Mt. Lee and looks over the city of angels. 

Daily trips to the sign teaches you a few things about the relationship people have with not only the monument itself but the city, the industry and social media. 

Nine Letter Word is a collection of images made during the daily trips to the sign. It is shown above in the same way it is laid out in the book