Janet Fryer the alchemist.

Every once in a while, I have the pleasure of helping someone put together a collection of their work. This week, I worked with the incredible Janet R. Fryer to put together a book with a collection of her abstract paintings. The introduction to the book was penned by her supremely eloquent and equally talented daughter, Laura Fryer... and I couldn't think of a better way to describe her work:

"Janet Fryer is an alchemist. Employing the magic of the sensory- that of the elements, texture, movement, and geometry - Janet transforms the waking and mundane into liminal and evocative abstract masterpieces. Her process, an often accidental adventure of courage and curiosity, allows Janet to fully develop color and shape into topographical visions. Although each piece is uniquely and organically approached, the summation of their evolution always reveals beautiful, interesting, and captivating imagery."

This book was a collaboration between myself and Janet to showcase her pieces in  a way that showcases their textures and complexities in a streamlined way. Above are a few examples of her abstract work. 

For more on Janet Fryer you can visit www.OnesArt.com


The Numinous with Guru Jagat

The Numinous with Guru Jagat