Remember My Name / by Lisandra Vazquez

Actors from all over the world flock to Hollywood to pursue a chance to be a part of "The Industry".

Lisandra asked aspiring Los Angeles actors the question: "If you could be anyone else for one day, who would you be and why?" through a popular (subscription based) casting website. After sorting through hundreds of submissions she interviewed, met and photographed the following aspiring actors in their homes in order to study their aspirations vs. their every day existence.

The following animated images are meant to symbolize a level of immortality that is attained when an actor plays a role on screen. Their performances will live forever.

Luke Roberts as Kurt Vonnegut

Harvey Jordan as Buddha

Victoria Klelemen as Tinkerbell

Regena Rouse as Beyonce

Nahid Samandari as Marilyn Monroe

Mariana Leite as Frida Kahlo