I believe that every family is a love story that is constantly unfolding. Through a photojournalistic perspective, I aim to capture the miracles within the "ordinary" and the quiet moments within huge experiences... a slice of your life. 

With minimal posing, creative direction and a relaxed atmosphere the result is a reflection of the unique beauty each person and family expresses. 

Each family is different and I am happy to work with any ideas you may have to tell the story of your family.

The Calm Family

Family Portrait Session. Pasadena, CA.


The Thompson Family

Multiple Sessions for Family Book Project. Laguna Beach, CA.

The Guidish Family

Multiple Family and Mini-Baby Sessions. North Hollywood, CA.

Sessions include:
*Consultation (phone or in person). We will decide what you're going for in terms of feel, occasion, theme, etc. Then we will cover logistics such as wardrobe, location, props, etc. 
*On-Location shoot. (To be determined at the consultation) Shoots usually last about two hours, but we allow for extra time when we are working with babies for feeding & changing. 
* 200+ color corrected images, digitally delivered and instantly downloadable within days of the shoot.