Currently working on Solo Exhibition.


From "Tan Lines" with Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe

Remember My Name*, April 6-11
L-Shape Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Tan Lines, (with Daniel Wroe and Emma KempMarch 31-April 5
Gallery D300, CalArts, Valencia, CA

From Her: an Exhibition by Women about WomenMarch 19-31
Pico House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Landscaping: A Group Exhibition, March 2-8
L-Shape Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA



From the Nine Letter Word collection and the "Landscaping: Group Exhibition"

Holding Space, November 4-8
L-Shape Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA* 

So It Goes, October 14-18
Gallery d301, CalArts, Valencia, CA 

2nd Annual Chiquita Canyon Landfill Competition, April 8 - 12 : Fourth Place Award
C-Art Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA 

Recalibrate, March 4 - 8
Stevenson Blanche Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA 




It's A Family Affair
, December 10 - 16

 Lime & Mint Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Fuzzy Pictures,  December 10 - 16
A402 Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA 

I Won't Give Up , March 8
Animazing Gallery c/o Atlantic Records, New York, NY




Calarts Eye, Final Edition of 2013-14

Tan Lines (with Daniel Wroe and Emma Kemp)

Collaborative publication on the subject of Memory and Perspective with Danielle Ayers and Molly Garber under the guidance of Andrew Freeman.**

Landscaping Exhibition Catalogue **

Bird Dog: 35 Artists Searching
CalArts Photobooks Catalogue, Six page spread.

Nine Letter Word
Paperback Photobook, 10x8. 44 pages.

Habitual Hector Wakes Up
Hardback Photobook, 10.5 x 11. 60 pages.


* Solo Exhibition

** In progress