Lisandra Vazquez is a Puerto Rican born artist and researcher. She learned how to speak English by watching television at the age of seven; it was then that her fascination with all things media began. 

Her early work dealt primarily with the tension that exists between fantasy and reality, specifically within Los Angeles and Hollywood. 

Lisandra moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and worked as an actor, producer, writer, theater manager and photographer. She recently completed a degree in Photography & Media at the California Institute of the Arts and is now working as a freelance photographer, videographer, director and editor in California. 

Major themes in her areas of concentration are: self-presentation, identity, power, femininity, social comparison, and the vast spectrum between fantasy and reality (specifically within the context of human relationship to media).

Los Angeles, California is Lisandra's home base but she is available to travel world wide.  




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